Easels, Brushes, Palettes & Pochade Boxes

I remember it took me many months of surfing the net and talking to artists to find the equipment I need. I’ve ralked to some fantastic artists and also watched countless videos about easels, pochade boxes and suppliers/stores and I think I’ve picked up some good tips along the way for where to find good resources. I’ve also made a comprehensive PDF list of some pochade box options, including their website URL’s which you can look up. If you are a do it yourself fan, then you might also find this link handy – see for under $10 e-book on learning how to make your homemade pochade box.


Endangered Heritage, Fyshwick Canberra

**Senior’s Art Supplies, Melbourne, Australia – Ask for Luke or Becca and say Sylvie sent you.

Sydney Art Store , Sydney Australia

Judson’s Art Supplies USA

Easels Galore Australia

Cheap Joes Art Stuff USA


MIJELLO Airtight Double Decker Palette Watercolour Palette – 40 Well

**Mijello Studio Palette (This is my favourite watercolour palette and also the one Chan Dissanayake uses.)

Mont Marte Palette – Air Tight Watercolour Palette Large 18 Slot

MEEDEN Empty Watercolour Tins Palette Paint Case Metal Box with 24 Transparent Half Pans

Masterson Aqua Pro Watercolour Palette

Holbein Aluminum Palette for Watercolor #200

Masterson Artist Palette Seal (This is brilliant for storing wet oil paint and also travelling with it in the car)

Easel Suppliers

Open Box M (Currently only shipping within USA)

Prolific Painter – Day Tripper or Roadster Easel – I love the super light and portable design, good for painting oil and or watercolour. (Wet box is separate). I like this easel as its panel holder will hold the larger size canvas firmly, up to 36″ depending on which items you order.

New Wave Fine Arts Products – U Go Easel (Available also through Seniors Art Supplies in Melbourne). I use this for my ‘en plein air’ watercolour painting trips. It fits beautifully in a back pack, again no knobs just magnets.

Sienna Ulimate Plein Air Backpack $146.48 on Amazon. One of the few back packs that has a special section on the outside to carry a tripod.

Alla Prima Handmade Pochade and Wet Panel StorageThis is what I use for my oils. It has no knobs, is light weight and uses magnets to also store your wet boards !

Jack Richardson & Co

Art Work Essentials

Strada Easels

Pochade Box Demo Videos

This video shows a watercolour easel similar to that used by Joseph Zbuvic.


Bamboo Sable Hair Series BW170 These are very cheap and super good quality, I have several of these one for my studio and one in my ‘en plein air’ back pack ready to take with me on the go.

Neef Brush Range

Escoda BrushesThese are synthetic and amazing brushes for they have a good point on them

Escoda Perla Synthetic Barcelona Pointed Toray Round Brush

Joseph Zbukvic Escoda Set 1 and 2 Brushes

David Taylor Escoda Set 1 Brushes

Windsor and Newton BrushesThese are great quality both their range in watercolour and oils. Just note they keep changing the colour of their brush handles, so if you want a matching set, I’d recommend saving up and buying the complete set in one go.

Rosemary and Co. BrushesCan’t get these in Australia, but in the UK they are regarded as one of the top brands.

Brush Cleaners

Gamsol odourless mineral spirits

Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaners – This is what I call my magic liquid, it is amazing.

Oil Palette Storage

Masterson Palette Seal & POSH ® Glass Palette 12″x16″ Set


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