Lady in Blue

Portrait of Mandy Newton – Original Oil Painting by Sylvie Carter


  • Original Painting
  • Dimension: 155cm x 104cm
  • Technique: Oil on Linen
  • Details: Wood Box Frame
  • Painting completed: 12 March 2012
  • About Artwork: Over two sittings, I attempted to capture Mandy’s gritty spirit, distinctly direct and resilient style balanced with her femininity, personal warmth and leadership presence. She is seated elegantly composed while calmly observing us directly. She is physically as well as emotionally strong, always ready to strategically respond to the challenges she faces. We observe also in the portrait, some insight into some of her history with the AFP, including her newly appointed position as head of the International Deployment Group, (‘IDG’).
  • Since commencing her role in the AFP in 1983, Mandy has taught women if they remain true to themselves they can be even more effective with the challenges they face.
  • The title  ‘Lady in Blue’ denoting a theme that there is always much more than what we first see as a sworn police officer, on duty 24/7.  As a society, I believe we owe our policemen and women a huge debt of gratitude.

Note : this painting is in a private collection and not for sale.

Additional information

Dimensions 155 × 104 cm