Artist Studios & Gardens

The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.

Claude Monet

Below are a number of gardens, museums and studios where artists painted or were inspired to work in. If you know of any others please feel free to leave a comment below

Heysen & The Cedars, South Australia

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Australia’s oldest artist’s studio

The landscape is a pinky mauve, a lilac, and the reflection of the sun of the particles of the atmosphere is a warm amber.” Hans Heysen B.8 October 1877 – D.2 July 1968

Streeton & Olinda, Yarra Ranges Victoria Australia

“I shout and laugh at my immense wealth, all free and without responsibility. Who could steal this from me? No one.” Authur Streeton B. 8 April 1867 – D. 1 September 1943 More info Click Here

Heysen and Coombe Estate, Yarra Valley, Melbourne

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“I am trying only to paint as truthfully as I can, and that which my eyes see and perhaps what I unconsciously feel. Truth to Nature after all is the goal, but Truth interpreted through temperament. “ Hans Heysen B.8 October 1877 – D.2 July 1968

Drysdale and Bouddi Farm, Killarney Heights NSW

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It is an environment which I love and which I like to go back to, and for me it has a tremendous appeal, it is continually exciting, these curious and strange rhythms which one discovers in a vast landscape, the juxtaposition of figures, of objects, all these things are exciting. ” Russell Drysdale B. ‎7 February 1912 – D. 29 June 1981 More Here

Gibb and Nutcoat House

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“I think you can influence children through books. You can teach them to be thoughtful and kind to animals, and to love the bush.” May Gibbs B.17 January 1877- D. 27 November 1969, Sydney

McCubbin & Fontainebleau

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Heidelberg School, B. 1855-D. 1917

Nolan and the Rodd in Herefordshire

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“I’m very interested, in fact compelled and dedicated to transmitting emotions and I care for very little else. ” Sidney Nolan B.22 April1917 – D.28 November 1992

Boyd and Bundanoon

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Art doesn’t alter things. It points things out, but it doesn’t alter them. It can’t, no matter what a painter wants to do.Arthur Boyd B. 24 July 1920 – D. 24 April 1999

Monet & Giverney

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I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.Claude Monet B.14 November 1840 – D.5 December

Le Sidaner and Le Jardin

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B. 7 August 1862 – D. 16 July 1939

Da Vinci & Amboise, France

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“As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.” Leonardo da Vinci B. 15 April 1452- D. 2 May 1519

Cezanne & Aix-en-Provence, France

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With an apple I will astonish Paris. Paul Cezanne B.19 January 1839 – D.22 October 1906

Renoir & Cote D’Azur, France

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“Why shouldn’t art be pretty? There are enough unpleasant things in the world.” Pierre-Auguste Renoir B. 25 February 1841 – D. 3 December 1919

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Matisse & Nice

“Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.” Henri Matisse. B. 31 December 1869 – D. 3 November 1954

Photo of the Cimiez Monastary Garden, Nice.

Cassatt & Chateau de Beaufresne, Le Mesnil-Theribus, France.

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“There are two ways for a painter: the broad and easy one or the narrow and hard one.” Mary Stevenson Cassatt. B.May 22, 1844 – D. June 14, 1926

Libermann & Villa

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“Whenever I see a Frans Hals, I feel the desire to paint; but when I see a Rembrandt, I want to give it up.” Max Liebermann B. 20 July 1847 – D. 8 February 1935

Majorelle & Marrakech

“blue and green should not be seen without another colour in between.” Jacque Majorelle B.3 July 1886 – D.14 October 1962. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Sargent & Boboli Gardens, Italy

“Color is an inborn gift, but appreciation of value is merely training of the eye, which everyone ought to be able to acquire.” John Singer SargentB.12 January 1856 – D.14 April 1925

Kahlo & La Casa Azul, Mexico City

I paint flowers so they will not die.” Frida Kahlo B.6 July 1907 – D.13 July 1954

Larsson & Sundborn, Sweden

“A home is not dead, but living, and like all living things must obey the laws of nature by constantly changing.” Carl Larsson B.28 May 1853 – D.22 January 1919

Milles & Herserud in Lidingö, Sweden

Carl Milles B.23 June 1875 – D.19 September 1955

Zorn & Zorn Museum, Sweden

Now, finally has the elevator arrived. The stairs was about to become a personal inferno.” Anders Zorn B.18 February 1860 – D. 22 August 1920

Constable & Flatford Mill, UK

“The landscape painter must walk in the fields with a humble mind. No arrogant man was ever permitted to see Nature in all her beauty.” John Constable B.11 June 1776 – D.31 March 1837

Hepworth & Trewyn Studio and Sculpture Garden, Cornwall UK

Body experience… is the centre of creation.Barbara Hepworth B.10 January 1903 – D.20 May 1975

Bell, Grant & Charleston Sussex UK

(House of Bloomsbury Group)

I do not think it matters whether one agrees or not as long as one is forced to think.Vanessa Bell B.30 May 1879 – D.7 April 1961. “...the source of all my moral philosophy – which possibly does not amount to much”. Quote – Duncan Grant B.21 January 1885 – D.8 May 1978

Millais & Kingston upon Thames, UK

“Man was not intended to live alone… marriage is the best cure for that wretched lingering over one’s work.” Sir John Everett Millais B. 8 June 1829 – D. 13 August 1896

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Jekyll  & Munstead Wood, UK

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies. Gertrude Jekyll B. 29 November 1843- D. 8 December 1932

Morris & Benton End, Hadleigh, Suffolk, UK

More about the artist Sir Cedric Morris and his plants with personality. B.11 December 1889- D. 8 February 1982

Rubens & Antwerp, Belgium

“I’m just a simple man standing alone with my old brushes, asking God for inspiration.” Peter Paul Rubens . B.28 June 1577 – D. 30 May 1640

Kroyer & Skagen, Copenhagen

Peder Severin Kroyer, B. 23 July 1851 -D. 21 November 1909

Sorolla & Museo Sorolla, Spain

All the mistakes committed by artists are due to their having separated themselves from truth, believing that their imagination is stronger. There is nothing stronger than nature. With nature in front of us we can do everything well.” Joaquin Sorolla B.27 February 1863- D. 10 August 1923

Church & Olana State Historic Site, NY USA

“I am appalled when I look at the magnificent scenery which encircles my clumsy studio, and then glance at the painted oil-cloth on my easel.” Fredrick E. Church More Here B. 4 May 1826 – D. 7 April 1900

Hopper &  Edward Hopper House Museum & Study Center, Broadway
Nyack, NY, USA

“If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” Edward Hopper. B. 22 July 1882 – D. 15 May 1967

Cole & Hudson River School, NY, USA

“How lovely are the portals of the night, when stars come out to watch the daylight die.” Thomas Cole. B. 1 February 1801 – D. 11 February 1848

Stuart & Saunderston, Rhode Island, USA

“Paint what you see and look with your own eyes.” Gilbert Stuart. B. 3 December 1755 – 9 July 1828

Whistler & Lowell, Massachussetts, USA

“Paint should not be applied thick. It should be like a breath on the surface of a pane of glass.” James Abbott McNeill Whistler  B. 11 July 1834 – D. 17 July 1903