Setting Creative Goals for 2021

I spent much of 2020 either getting a few more important pieces of equipment set up for painting outdoors and organisting, meeting and then promoting the paintings a range of artists from around Australia and the world. I thoroughly enjoyed all my conversations with the artists, particularly those that were willing to share some footage of how they set up and go outdoors painting. I learnt so much from just reaching out and then making myself available to make short documentary films about their behind the scene stories and art work. So hoping to keep in touch and keep sharing these, where and when I can fit this in around my painting journey.

With the new year well underway I recognise how important it is to set some new and exciting creative challenges and habits going forward. Here are just a few keeping me inspired and growing. I would love to hear yours?

  1. Visit more galleries and look to having an art exhibition;
  2. Adding a large computer monitor to my studio. will be handy when using my watercolour reference images;
  3. Finish reading artists biographies about Arthur Streeton and Vermeer.
  4. Paint ‘en plein air’ twice a week, subject to good weather;
  5. Go exploring and landscape painting in the nearby Sydney, Monaro and the Blue Mountains regions
  6. Keeping sketching and improve my figurative and portraiture in graphite and oils.
  7. Find some inspiring portrait subjects

DM me if you are interested in connecting and or finding out more about me and or my painting SURFERS AT NOOSA HEADLAND 9″ x 12″ watercolour on 300 gsm rough paper (UNFRAMED).

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