Why Get Started?

“The secrets of success are getting started and being persistent.” Debasish Mridha

If you are like me and enjoy problem solving or taking on new challenges that stimulate your thinking, then it is more than likely you are more creative than you potentially think you are. Have you thought about getting in touch with your creative artistic side? Taking up sketching or painting perhaps?

About 12 years ago, I thought that I also could not draw to save myself. I remember I enrolled myself into a eight week evening course, one night a week ‘Learning to draw on the right side of the brain’. We were made to draw one picture from memory of a person, one innate object and our hand. Natually those three drawings were a bit of a disaster, well for me anyway. Then miraculously it seems to me that each week I suddenly got much beter and then it all changed. What is that coaching saying, it is far easier to act a new way of believing than it is to believe a new way to act. Well this is exactly what happened to me

I learnt how to slow the left brain down (the side of our brain that like to quickly judge and categorise things, or what we are seeing and drawing) and I learnt to start to really look with the eyes of an artist . So much so that I soon realised what I had been missing out on, and quickly enrolled in some watercolour classes at the Australian National University Art School. Wow did I get a big shock when I realised that I could now also paint. [See above one of my very first sketches]. A few years later I went onto teaching myself how to paint with oils. The moral of my story is, none of us really ever know, what it is we can or cannot do, until we at least give it a go. And who knows it may be a truly life changing experience, as it was for me.


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