Captured Moments with artist Chan Dissanayake

On a brisk and foggy winter’s morning on Lake Burley Griffen in Canberra, our nations capital city. I was perched on the bank with my new trusty Canon M50 to film Master Watercolourist Chan Dissanayake painting ‘en plein air’.

We kicked off about 8.30am and yet the fog was so thick that we had to wait, as you could barely see across the water to the distance view of the National Library of Australia.

Slowly but surely the fog lifted on that chilly winter’s day and Chan was able to move his frozen fingers. It was a great spot with an almost 360 vantage point, from the city to the left of us, to the Lake’s fountain and the distinctive white Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, linking the city to the Parliamentary Circle, and the National Library on our right.

Chan set up his easel, paints and brushes and had to work quickly to capture the moments with the changing light and shadows across the water. Birds called out as cyclist, dragon boats and a multitude of joggers passing by. The water was every artists dream to paint, showcasing brilliant reflections of the historic over hanging Cedrus Atlantic trees and the old tour boat moored at the dock in the distance. On the right of Chan’s painting was the National Museum with its colourful red umbrellas leading down towards the water.

I have just now finished making a short film, in time I hope to showcase Chan’s talent and inspiration on that day. It was fantastic to be invited along and in a small way now able to assist in sharing Chan’s work. He has his upcoming Exhibition ‘Captured Moments’, opening tomorrow, Saturday the 12 September at the famous Bungendore Wood Works Gallery. I can’t wait to see the selection of paintings and hopefully, in the afternoon do a little more filming and some painting myself, as I surely will come away feeling extra inspired. I encourage you to make time in your diary for a visit to the Gallery and view Chan’s paintings, the Exhibition stays open till the 9th November. So I’ll see you there and or perhaps one day by the Lake doing some painting with my friend Chan. Please also feel free to share this special post on your social media and or leave your feedback, if you would like to learn more about Chan and his work.

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  1. Netty Avatar

    Wow! I found that fascinating. I’d even go so far as to say it was riveting, like watching a movie and sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it was going to end. Thank you so much for that insight into Chan’s creative process and mastery, Sylvie. He is a wonder to me.

    1. artwithsylvie Avatar

      Hello netty, Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed the experience.

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