Conversation with April Rimpo in her studio painting cyclists with watercolour

I was recently had that ‘fly on the wall‘ experience watching a bunch of cyclists come to life in watercolour. I joined celebrated artist April Rimpo in her studio, in Maryland USA via zoom to watch her work. April paints a vast and varying number of subects using either liquid acrylics and or watercolour, or both. In this conversation with April, or short film, April takes us through how she prepares and works on, one of her favourite painting subjects, which is cyclists.

I thought it was particularly interesting to learn how April merge photos in photoshop and transports her subjects to new locations and or in this case, merges her subjects into a new painting capturing the movement and light.

April presents and fames her painting, not behind glass, but rather in an entirely new and interesting approach when exhibiting her delicate work of watercolour. So I hope you enjoy this short video and if you do please feel free to share it or leave a comment.

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