Conversations with Australian watercolour artist Heidi Willis

I recently learnt a great deal about the special and talented Australian born natural history watercolour artist and tutor, Heidi Willis. ‘The ‘Earthen Artist’

Heidi demonstrated her incredible dedication, discipline and focus needed to complete many of her highly sought after, painting commissions for botanical illustrations and birds. It was a joy to meet Heidi who was extremely generous, down to earth and knowledgeable in her sharing her work. After spending many hours researching her subjects, she always applies a ‘beginner’s mindset’, seeking to improve each and every stroke in her exquisitely detailed paintings.

Heidi shared her personal journey and how she follows her passion and dedication for illustrating native and exotic plants, flowers, fruits and seed capsules, as well as spectacular bird life around the world. Her work both inspires and offers great insights into the natural world as she experiences it. Hope you enjoy this interview and as I have take away some great thinking and new learning.

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