Learning to make paint with pure pigments

Covering everything you need to know about preparing surfaces and mixing paints, plus all the all important safety precautions when mixing glues, calcium carbonate (for gesso mix) and pure pigments.

Conversations with Australian watercolour artist Heidi Willis

I recently learnt a great deal about the special and talented Australian born natural history watercolour artist and tutor, Heidi Willis. ‘The ‘Earthen Artist’

Passion for Chasing Paint – Conversations with April Rimpo

In this interview with watercolourist April Rimpo from Dayton, Maryland USA, you will hear some great tips for how to work with watercolour and fluid acrylic paints, particularly how to capture movement and emotion in your work.

Bewitched by Watercolour – Conversations with Artist Jeff Williams

Bewitched by Watercolour – Conversations with Artist Jeff Williams

Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary with Watercolour

Andy Evansen, the internationally recognised master watercolour artist and teacher based in Minnesota, USA talks about his studio and paintings

Having fun exploring figures with watercolour

Chan Dissanayake, Australian Master Watercolourist demonstrates painting with figures.

Time To Play

Apart from covering the key fundamentals of using watercolour and watching Chan’s demonstrate, we got time to play!

Head In The Clouds

ArtWithSylvie and Australian Master watercolourist, Chan Dissanayake shared a 1 hour FREE demonstration of painting clouds.