Passion for Chasing Paint – Conversations with April Rimpo

My latest interview was with the wonderful contemporary artist April Rimpo in her studio, in Dayton Maryland USA. Dayton is about three and half hours drive south of New York City. April shared her story of becoming an artist and watercolourist along with some fantastic tips on how she prepares and plans for her unique paintings. In this interview, you can pick up some great tips for how to work with watercolour and fluid acrylic paints, particularly how to capture movement and emotion in your work. Every artist is unique in how they approach and tap into their creativity and April is a master at taking a fresh approach to each subject. April’s painting subjects are also “all over the map” given her natural curiosity, interests and great skill in capturing story in her work.

During this period of Covid 19, April has been busy working in her basement studio, which to me appeared super organised. If you look closely at the video you will see how April uses her space wisely with good light, and importantly some good storage for her many paintings, both on the walls and also packaged neatly ready to go to a new home.

I started the interview learning a little bit more about April’s creative background and heritage and very quickly started examining many of the stories behind her paintings and her journey as an artist, how she never looked back after finding the freedom and power of chasing paint in watercolour. I highly recommend learning more about April and her fabulous paintings either on this You Tube Clip or on her website, which I’ve listed at the end of the video. I’m really enjoying the journey especially after spending some quality time with the delightful April, a highly skilled artist and generous soul.

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