Last Five Days – Exhibition at Rusten House

Since my exhibition opening, the weeks have flown by and there are now only five days remaining until my Rusten House Exhibition closes its doors.

Rusten House is packed with history and story, so it matched perfectly with my theme of painting the stories and light in the valley’s views and vineyards of this region.

QPRC Arts Trail – Lots to see and do!

It’s all about to take off downtown in Queanbeyan over the weekend of the 15 and 16th October 2022. The upcoming QPRC Arts Trail events and gladly my solo exhibition of over 40 oil and watercolour paintings will be part of it. How exciting is that! Valleys Views and Vines Solo Exhibition by artist SylvieContinue reading “QPRC Arts Trail – Lots to see and do!”

Launched Valleys Views and Vines Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition by Artist Sylvie Carter Saturday the 1st October 2022 was a momentous occasion for me, with my first ever solo exhibition with over 40 landscape oil and watercolour paintings, at the historic Rusten House Arts Centre, 87 Collett Street in Queanbeyan. My exhibition was sponsored by a QPRC Cultural Arts Grant and formsContinue reading “Launched Valleys Views and Vines Solo Exhibition”

Emperors of Rome Podcasters

Emperors of Rome Podcasters’ Oil on Linen, 91.44cm H x 137.16cm W. The painting captures the contemplative and storytelling pose of two Australian history podcasters, bringing metaphorically ‘back to life’ the conversations of the Emperors of Rome. These stories and conversations present both the good and the bad in human nature and how this continues to impact our lives today.

Taking Action Today

I am passionate about preserving endangered species and the protecting the environment. After listening to a life changing interview on the ABC Radio program I took up the challenge to no longer purchase products that use palm oil in them. I also found that it was so easy to take action to help protect theContinue reading “Taking Action Today”