Conversations with James Murch painting ‘en plein air’.

Recently I had the great pleasure of interviewing and filming James Murch, a finalist in the Sky Arts TV Series, ‘Landscape Artist of the Year 2019’. I did this virtually from here in Australia, using Zoom video conferencing and one other camera and clever camerman, Luke Murch, Jame’s brother in England. We travelled along with James on one of his outdoor painting ‘en plein air’ trips and created this short ‘behind the scenes’ video providing some unique insights into the artist’s mind and his approach. James shared this great painting spot and how he creates his beautiful landscape works in oils.

In this video, I journey with James from his home studio on a very sunny and very pleasant summers day out to a great spot looking over the English Riveria in Paiynton, South Devon, England. I really enjoyed the experience of interviewing James as he humbly and generously described how he likes to find the subject of his painting which was fun and also fascinating, as I could really relate to his journey as an artist. He also spent time showing me his easel, brushes and oil medium and how he mixes these and sets everything up to paint.

Over the course of approximately four hours, James’ work evolved to be a rich and colourful impression of a stunning view. I checked in and caught up with James and his progress with his painting on location. So what you will hopefull enjoy, in this much condensed video, is some rich and valuable insights as James shares just a little of his painting journey.

You can also find his paintings available for sale on his website where he describes his passion as ‘An Expression of the Celebration of Life!’

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