Introducing fine artist Nicolas Szuhodovszky

I first discovered the work of the Swedish born artist Nicolas Szuhodovszky on his Instagram page and recently enjoyed a short interview with him via Zoom video conferencing in his home in Budapest, Hungary.

Nicolas is a representational artist and his style comes from a classical figurative and realist tradition. Nicolas studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. Nicolas studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.

In this video Nicolas shared a number of his paintings and told me that he also has a multitude of new works on the go as we waits for the layers of paint to dry. Apart from painting with oils for many years, Nicolas also uses pastels and in my view is brilliant at capturing the life quality of his subjects, the light that covers and surrounds them as well as the narrative behind each work.

From this introductory video, I also learnt a little more about Nicolas and his passion for painting a wide variety of subjects, including landscapes, portraits, still-life, portraits, fantastical, mythological and many other unique and original ideas. Please feel free to checkout Nicolas’ paintings on his instagram page @szuhodovart and if you enjoyed this video please remember to click the ‘Like’ button and the ‘Bell’ symbol for more ‘behind the scenes’ updates and interviews with artists around the world.

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