My passion for Portraits at the NPG

What a wondeful mix of paintings and photographs included in the Australian Love Stories exhibition now showing at the Australian National Portrait Gallery. I spent a pleasant morning enjoying the handy work of Claude Marie Dubufe and her portrait of Lady Eyre Williams and George Lambert’s portrait of the artist William Alison Russell. There are number of well known couples, Tom Roberts and Lilli Williamson, including photographs of Australia’s own Bryan Brown and actress and wife Rachel Ward, rock star Jimmy Barnes and wife Jane Mahoney.

Your eyes will nearly pop out of your head when you see the colourful portrait of Jenny Kee painted by Carla Fletcher. This took out the prestigious 2015 Archibald……. and I thought my red glasses were red.

I’d strongly urge you to hurry to see this before it all ends on the 1st August 2021. Note our National Portrait Gallery has super easy parking underneath, excellent cafe for lunch and is located right next to the National Gallery of Australia, so you might like to see this plus the Bottecelli to Van Gogh exhibition. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

Lillie Williamson
Stella Bowen Self Portrait
William A Russell – Artist Self Portrait
Jenny Kee – Archibald 2015 Winning work of Carla Fletcher
Self Portrait William Dargie

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