The Art of Teaching Portraiture

Have you thought about painting either objects and or people? I recently made a great discovery in my art journey and haven’t looked back.

It took me over two years to find the teacher that I wanted, someone that would take me through all the basics in painting portraits and still life using oils. I wanted regular online classes with a teacher that would not only stretch my knowledge and skill level but also my confidence. I scrolled through the sort of portraits I liked on Instagram and approached one who ended up not teaching but giving me the best word of mouth recommendation I could get. He suggested I get in touch with the UK artist and teacher, Mike Skidmore.

Mike’s still life and portraits are truely phenomenial and if you don’t believe me you need to go and visit his website, CLICK HERE. I guarantee you will as blown away as I was when you see his work. I discovered Mike offers a variety of the most holistic and inspiring art courses you can purchase. So I signed up for his eight (8) weekly Zoom lessons in ‘Online Portrait course in oils‘.

I am now sadly at the end of my eight weeks working with Mike and reflecting back I recognise that this was perhaps the most valuable eight weeks of my art life. I thoroughly enjoyable each weekly 2 hour session. I came away super inspired and picked up so many wonderful new techniques to help me easily unlock my creativity.

Each week Mike inspired me look and try different subjects and different techniques. Techniques used by the Masters, like Vermeer and Rembrant. I came away with loads more knowledge, awareness and confidence in tackling any subject. Most of all I will never forget the amazing generosity of spirit that Mike provided in each of his well prepared sessions. It was fun and heartening to find a teacher who truely cared about my progress and success. I particularly enjoyed Mike’s professional teaching style which was also relaxed and well structured. Mike covered every aspect of how to paint portraits using oils, including painting different fabrics in Portraits and Still Life work. Hence the exercise of the scarf in a glass (see above). Needless to say I took loads of notes , plus a bunch of ‘easy on the ear and the eye’ video demo’s. Note: I’m a bit fussy when it comes to watching videos as they often are poorly presented or not easy to follow, but Mike’s were exceptional.

So in summary, if you have thought about taking an online art class I recommend getting in contact with Mike and or checking out his next art course – SEE FLYER below! You won’t regret it.


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